Invitation for the ‘Meet-the-author’ Poster Session

Thursday 2nd June 2016 (11.00 - 12.30 & 17:30 – 19:00 hours) in the Poster Area

Example of a Meet-the-author Poster Session

During the Congress special attention will be created for the Poster Session, where the authors of accepted papers are invited to display, discuss and share further information about the contents of their paper with all participants of the Congress.

The organisers would like to encourage authors to prepare a poster and, if you would like to do so, your interest must be registered before 18th April 2016 through the congress online system After logging in and clicking on the title of a paper, you can select 'I will present this paper as a poster'.

Guidelines for the Poster Session

Preparing your poster

  • The size of the poster must be 140 cm wide x 95 cm high (landscape).
  • All posters must be prepared using the EE 2016 poster template. Please download the template here (.ppt format).
  • Each poster should have a top banner indicating the title of the paper, the names of the authors and their affiliations.
  • The poster should be easily readable at a distance of one metre.
    • Posters should have eye-catching, yet simple drawings, diagrams, graphs, or photographs with clean and attractive layouts.
    • Avoid using all-capital text as this is difficult to read. Avoid using mixtures of type/font styles.
  • The poster should reflect the content of the paper and new, or additional information concerning their paper can be added.
    • The poster should not be overtly commercial.
    • Condense the theme of your poster in such a way that a casual observer can grasp its overall message within a few seconds and its significant methodology and conclusions within one to two minutes.
    • The messages you wish to convey should be clear and understandable without the requirement for explanation; people might also visit the poster area when you are not there.
  • For examples of posters click here.

At the congress

The Poster Area will be located on the 4th floor of the exhibition hall. The posters may be displayed during the three days of the congress.

Authors of papers are requested to be present with their poster during the dedicated Poster Sessions (Thursday 2nd June 2016, 11:00 – 12:30h & 17:30 – 19:00h)

Poster boards and fixing materials will be available in the Poster area,

  • The posters will be grouped by Congress session theme.
  • There will be only one poster board per paper.
  • Please ensure that your poster is displayed on the correct poster board which will display your personal poster number. The poster display must be arranged by the author.

Printing service

The congress secretariat provides poster printing services to print your poster. Posters will be printed on 200g/m², matt photo paper for €45 (including VAT). This solution is preferred because of better organization within the poster sessions and you need just to upload a high quality, print ready PDF file of your poster through the congress online system

  • The deadline for uploading the files and for payment for the printing service is 11th May 2016. You will receive payment instructions by email after you upload the files.
  • Please find more information on how to prepare a PDF file here. See also the section ‘Preparing your poster’ above.
  • Check the files thoroughly before uploading them. It is not possible to upload a revised version of the files. The PDF file will be sent to the printing company after it is uploaded.