Instructions for authors

for writing and submitting papers for the 6th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress, 1st – 3rd June 2016 in Prague

Language of paper

The paper must be submitted in English.

Method of submission

Completed manuscripts must be submitted via the on-line submission form.
The on-line submission form consists of two sections: 1) text boxes and menus 2) a button for uploading a doc(x) file. Details are given below.

Contents of paper

The final paper should contain:

  1. Title
  2. Author's details including affiliation and country.
  3. Abstract (of maximum 350 words, plain text)
  4. Maximum 5 keywords (from list). The list with keywords can be downloaded by clicking here
  5. (Brief) introduction
  6. Body of the paper, including tables and figures
  7. Acknowledgements where appropriate
  8. Bibliography & reference(s), where appropriate

Items 1-3 in the above list are automatically generated using the information previously provided to register the abstract (you will see this information in text boxes in the on-line submission form when submitting a full paper and you will be able to edit this information).

Item 4 will be submitted through the menu in the on-line submission form

Only items 5-8 should be submitted in the doc(x) file

Therefore the submitted doc(x) file should only contain items 5-8.

Length of the paper

The doc(x) file containing the items 5-8 should not be more than 4000 words and not be more than 12 A4 pages (including pictures, tables and graphs).


Instructions about the margins, the fonts, the layout of the titles, etc. is shown in the example that can be downloaded by clicking here.

To avoid confusion, please use the words bitumen (for the binder) and asphalt (as the mixture) in the ‘European’ way and do not use the word asphalt (for the binder) and hot mix (for the mixture) in the ‘American way’.

The paper should not be overtly commercial, in other words the paper should not repeatedly use brand or trade names and should not be solely aimed at product promotion. Claims about product or process performance should be supported by factual and relevant information. No trade names should appear in the title of the paper.

Submission of papers

Authors can upload their papers via the on-line form by clicking here (the on-line form can also be accessed by clicking on the button that appears in the horizontal menu bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen).

The electronic format requires that the papers are submitted according to the template in Microsoft Word doc(x) file. The deadline for submitting papers is 1st September 2015.

Paper review

The papers will be reviewed by a Paper Review Committee.

The acceptance of the papers will be announced in February 2016.

All the papers that are accepted by the Paper Review Committee will be published in the Conference Proceedings. A limited number of papers will be orally presented.

The Paper Review Committee will review the papers and give nominations for presentation during the Congress. Each paper selected for presentation should be presented by the author (or one of the authors) of that paper.

Authors will have the opportunity to present their paper in two poster sessions during the congress. Posters must be accompanied by at least one of the authors during the scheduled poster sessions.


Authors must assume full responsibility for securing the necessary clearances for distribution from relevant bodies or holders of copyright on material involved in the paper.

The act of uploading a paper onto the E&E 2016 website will be taken as certifying that the paper is original and free of copyright.