How to prepare and upload a PDF file of your poster

  • All posters must be prepared using the EE 2016 poster template. Please download the template here.

  • The size of the poster must be 140 cm wide x 95 cm high (landscape). This size is pre-set in the template. Please note: the slide dimensions set in the template are B0 (141,4 x 100 cm), but the printed poster will be cropped along the dashed lines and resulting paper size will be 140 x 95 cm.

  • Images: Avoid using images found on the web unless the resolution is adequate. Many web images look fine on screen but pixelate and distort when scaled up to poster size, web graphics are, on the whole, low resolution and unsuitable for use in posters. If you need to use an image from a website, contact the webmaster and ask them if they can put you in touch with the owner of the image and request from them a 300+ dpi version. Avoid direct pasting from screen grabs or instrument outputs

  • Colours:Avoid too many colour changes and keep colour choices simple. Subtle colour combinations which look good on your monitor may appear quite different on the finished poster. Avoid strong colour contrasts, especially red/blue and red/green Also remember that yellow printed on white is nearly impossible to read.

  • Text: Avoid creating text at normal page size, it is difficult to read at poster viewing distance.

  • Please upload a high quality, print ready PDF file and a .ppt file of your poster (picture resolution not less than 300 dpi) through the congress online system After logging in and clicking on the title of a paper, buttons for uploading the files will be available.