Exit Survey for Participants

Please rank these expectations in order of importance for attending a congress

(1 - 8 » 1 = lowest and 8 = highest)

Learning about latest technical developments
Understanding about the future challenges
Finding out about solutions and best practices
Networking with other industry experts
Meeting suppliers
Meeting customers
Learning about competitors
Making new sales leads

Please rate this list from your experience of this 6th E&E congress

(score 1 - 5 » 1 = lowest)

What criteria do you use when deciding on which events to attend?

(Please rank in order from 1 - 8 » 1 = lowest and 8 = highest)

Content / theme of congress
Interest in confirmed speakers
Reputation of congress
Expected audience it will attract
Length of congress
Languages of congress
Registration cost
Venue location

Please rate the criteria in relation to your experience at the E&E 2016

(score 1 - 5 » 1 = lowest)

Please rate the Value delivered by the E&E congress from the following

(score 1 - 5 » 1 = lowest)

Any suggestions to help us continue to improve your experience for the next E&E congress?